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The extraordinary
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A night of pure magic

VIDAM 2025 New Year's Eve invites you to a unique and exciting experience, where life is celebrated in vibrant colors and engaging rhythms. This extraordinary event promises to be more than a simple New Year's party, it will be a sensory journey that will awaken all your senses.


This was our last edition

​Ilha do Sol: The Magical Setting of New Year’s Eve VIDAM 2025

​As an annex to the VIDAM Hotel Aracaju, the stunning Ilha do Sol is being prepared to welcome, for the third time, with comfort and sophistication, tourists from Brazil and the world for VIDAM 2025 New Year's Eve. An innovative experience for Brazil.

The island that houses VIDAM Náutico Clube & Praias is the ideal setting for the explosion of joy that your New Year's Eve deserves, in the most complete destination for nautical, leisure and historical-cultural tourism in Sergipe.

The spectacular space where the Vaza Barris River flows into the Atlantic Ocean provides a true harmony with nature, where beauty and tranquility make the arrival of a new year even more special.

​VIDAM Hotel: Your Luxury Accommodation in Aracaju

​VIDAM Hotel Aracaju was born based on the idea that Sergipe deserves to have its tourist grandeur exalted and explored. With international references, the Sergipe oasis brought the most refined concept in luxury hotels to occupy Orla de Atalaia, a key location for Sergipe tourism.


Stay at VIDAM Hotel Aracaju and make your experience even better for a spectacular New Year's Eve in 2025!


Hospede-se no VIDAM Hotel Aracaju e torne ainda melhor a sua experiência para um reveillon espetacular em 2025!


​Diamond Lounge: Offers a structure with full coverage, ensuring comfort and protection against the weather. Its differences include exclusivity, with a privileged view of the stage, free access to the Front Stage and other areas, as well as exclusive waiter services. The all-inclusive package includes premium drinks and a high-quality buffet.

Diamante Box: With a covered structure, the box offers an exclusive space for up to 400 people, with access to different areas and personalized waiter service. The all-inclusive package includes premium drinks and a premium buffet, with varied and high-quality options.

Ouro Lounges: With a partially covered structure, the lounges provide a partial view of the stage and access to the Front Stage and other areas, in addition to waiter services. The all-inclusive package offers premium drinks and a special buffet, with selected haute cuisine dishes.

Gold Table: With a structure partially covered with an ombrelone, the tables offer a partial view of the stage, access to the Front Stage and other areas, as well as waiter service. The all-inclusive package includes premium drinks and a special buffet, with varied and high-quality options.

Ouro Front Stage: With a fully uncovered structure, Ouro Front Stage offers privileged access to the Front Stage, circulation in different areas and food and beverage islands. The all-inclusive package includes a variety of food and drinks available on the islands.

Arena Prata Sul: Completely uncovered, Arena Prata Sul offers a structure with a polished floor in the arena in front of the stage, grass and interlocking paving. Its differences include special access to the front of the stage and fast food and bar options. The all-inclusive package includes drinks and fast food.

Arena Prata Norte: Also completely uncovered, Arena Prata Norte offers freedom of purchase in fast food and drinks, with a polished floor structure, grass and interlocking paving.

Event map

​Tickets for the Mesa Ouro and Lounge Ouro areas are available for purchase only at VIDAM Hotel or via WhatsApp 79 9992-2188

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