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​Celebrate in style at VIDAM Hotel

Make your event unforgettable

Stunning view of the facade of VIDAM Hotel Aracaju, highlighting the architectural elegance and welcoming atmosphere of the place.

The perfect setting for your event

​At VIDAM Hotel, excellence meets refinement to make luxury events truly unforgettable.

With sophisticated spaces and a dedicated team, we provide a unique experience, where every detail is carefully planned to surprise guests. Whether for weddings, corporate celebrations or special occasions, count on us to create memorable and exciting moments. At VIDAM Hotel, elegance and good taste come together to offer the best place for luxury events.

Detailed view of one of the VIDAM Hotel auditoriums, highlighting the elegant design and the atmosphere conducive to meetings and social gatherings.

Our Auditoriums


​We offer five exceptional auditoriums: Jorge Amado, Luiz Gonzaga, João Gilberto, Varandas and Paripiranga.

At VIDAM Hotel, you will find not only exceptional event spaces, but also a welcoming and sophisticated environment, where every detail is carefully thought out to provide the best possible experience for you and your guests.

Image of the impressive main auditorium at VIDAM Hotel Aracaju, with comfortable seats, well-lit stage and technology

Main Auditorium

​At VIDAM Hotel Aracaju, the main auditorium is the ideal space for large events. It offers flexibility and malleability to meet the specific needs of your event. Additionally, you can choose from herringbone, cocktail, school, 'U' banquette and auditorium shapes to ensure your event runs exactly as planned. If you prefer, the main auditorium
it can be transformed into up to 4 articulating rooms, each with capacity for up to 80 people, providing even more options for holding events of different sizes and formats.

The Foyer is a strategic space to support events, located in front of the auditoriums. Fully air-conditioned, this environment is perfect for welcoming participants and offering a moment of relaxation
during the event. With comfortable seats and tables, it is the ideal place to hold a coffee break, providing guests with a delicious break with delicacies and special drinks. Its privileged location, combined with an elegant design, makes the Foyer a welcoming and sophisticated environment to further enrich the experience of your event at VIDAM Hotel.

Photo of the welcoming foyer at VIDAM Hotel Aracaju, an inviting space where guests enjoy coffee breaks during their holidays

​The Foyer

Business Rooms

​The Business Rooms at VIDAM Hotel are the ideal space for business meetings and planning.
Each room offers a cozy, air-conditioned environment, equipped with a table for meetings, a 49-inch TV and Wi-Fi access.

The perfect setting for productive discussions and strategic decision-making.

VIP room with an elegant atmosphere and modern equipment, ideal for business meetings and corporate events at VIDAM Hotel.

Reserved lounge at Raízes Restaurant


​The Reserved Lounge at Raízes Restaurant is the perfect setting for exclusive and intimate events,
whether corporate or special moments like a refined breakfast.
It offers a welcoming and refined environment, decorated with elegance.

Private lounge at Raízes, offering an exclusive environment to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences at VIDAM Hotel

 Rooftop Sky Bar & Restaurant


​It's the perfect choice to make your luxury event unforgettable. With a privileged location, this semi-covered space offers stunning views and immersive lighting, providing a sophisticated and exclusive environment for your event. With strategically placed tables and a centralized stage, the Rooftop is ideal for musical performances, romantic dinners and special celebrations. Surprise your guests with a unique and memorable experience at VIDAM Hotel's Rooftop Sky Bar & Restaurant.

Rooftop sky restaurant offering stunning panoramic views and a unique culinary experience at VIDAM Hotel.
Incredible view from the Rooftop Sky Bar & Restaurant, an elegant space to enjoy signature cocktails and cuisine
Rooftop sky restaurant offering stunning panoramic views and a unique culinary experience at VIDAM Hotel.
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