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​All Day is a special experience that grants visitors access to common areas, including the ground floor pool, bar, lounge and the prestigious Raízes restaurant (except Rooftop). This unique option allows you to relax and enjoy breakfast with more than 130 options, from classic dishes to regional delicacies. The investment varies between R$175.00 during the week and R$186.00 on weekends and holidays. It's the perfect way to enjoy the common areas of VIDAM Hotel, even without staying.

Logo All Day - A visual representation of the exclusive experience offered by VIDAM Hotel, combining comfort, gastronomy
Day Use Logo - A visual representation of the exclusivity and convenience provided by the Day Use experience at VIDAM Hotel.

Discover Day Use, a unique opportunity to enjoy a complete accommodation experience from 7am to 7pm. In addition to access to the hotel's common areas, guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast with more than 130 items. Discover how Day Use can make your stay in Aracaju even more special.

Pay only half the daily rate for the chosen room + R$100 per person, guests have a credit converted into payment. This way, you can enjoy even more of the gastronomic delights offered by the hotel, whether at a special lunch or refreshing drinks at the bar.

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